• What if my password-reset fails?

    Email spam filters can be over-zealous. If you have checked your spam folder and it’s not there, please email dpa2017@npg.gov.au and we’ll manually reset it for you.

  • How big a file can I upload, and what if my file won’t upload?

    Our system has no restriction on file size. If you have difficulty uploading yours, bandwidth may be the problem. Please try again and if the problem persists, submit your entry by post on a USB or other hardware – postmarked no later than 1 October. PLEASE NOTE: In order for us to match your posted entry with your digital registration, you *must* supply your email address along with your digital portrait. Ideally, please send us a complete copy of your entry, ie your digital portrait plus a .txt file that includes:

    • your name
    • date of birth
    • state of residence
    • phone number
    • email address
    • the name of the artist/s
    • a statement about the artwork (up to 100 words)
    • any technical details

    See the footer for our postal address – and please note that we are unable to return hardware.

  • What type of file may I submit?

    We will accept digital portraits in any format we can display within the space of about 1 metre square. Through our online submission process you can upload:

    • .avi
    • .flac
    • .flv
    • .gif
    • .m4a
    • .mkv
    • .mov
    • .mp3
    • .mp4
    • .oga
    • .ogg
    • .ogv
    • .qt
    • .wav
    • .webm
    • .wmv
    • .zip

    If your digital portrait is in a different format, please contact us to discuss submission.

  • What if my digital portrait is not a single file?

    If your digital portrait involves multiple channels or files, to facilitate judging, please submit them as a composite (a single file, eg a video of all the channels displaying) in the first instance. Make sure you include detailed hardware and software requirements as part of your submission. Should the judges select your work for exhibition, we will liaise with you about supplying and displaying the files. We’re happy to accept any portrait we can display; but the easier you make it for us to experience your portrait, the better.

  • What if my portrait has multiple creators?

    To enter a portrait created as a collaboration between two or more artists, please say so in the artist statement, specifying the name of each collaborator and (if you like) each person’s role in the production. If you win, you can split the cash and by negotiation, we may be able to accommodate more than one person for the residency at The Edge.

  • May I submit multiple entries?

    No, sorry. We will only accept one entry for each artist.

  • How do I enter an interactive work?

    We welcome interactive digital portraits! Because the hardware and software requirements are so variable, to facilitate judging we require artists of interactive digital portraits to submit a video surrogate of the work, eg a video of a person interacting with the portrait, or whatever will give the judges a good sense of the experience. If you submit an interactive portrait, please specify that the portrait is interactive, and provide very clear requirements for experiencing the portrait in person – hardware, software, dimensions and so on. If your work is selected for the exhibition, we will liaise with you about supply and display of the real live version of your portrait.

  • How do I respect intellectual property / moral rights?

    If your portrait uses any visual or audio material that someone else created, you need to ensure that you are permitted to use it. If you personally know the subject of your portrait, you should make sure they give you explicit permission to enter the portrait. If you don’t personally know the subject of your portrait, or if they are deceased, you need to take steps to ensure that their moral rights are protected. Are you able to contact the subject or a representative? If you have made every effort to obtain explicit permission to enter your portrait, and received no explicit prohibition, consider the possible impact of the portrait on the subject or their family members and exercise your good judgement. Note that the National Portrait Gallery is unable to provide advice on rights in relation to any particular portrait.

  • Can I edit my entry after submission?

    Yes, you can edit your submission until the call for entries closes but don’t forget to resubmit the entry at the end to ensure it is finalised.