2013 Finalists

Untag Me!, 2013

by Nara Peek Silva

Finalist, 2013
Duration: 17 minutes
Four channel HD video

Artist's statement

Over the past few years I have become not only camera shy but also rebellious against excessive photo taking. The once sacred ritual of capturing a moment rather than just an image has been degraded in the age of social networking and surveillance. This experimental film is an exploration and more importantly a celebration of the parts of our identity we’d rather keep concealed. The parts we consider undesirable, unlikable or simply ugly. Untag me! is a series of portraits in which beautiful individuals transform from composed and attractive to ugly and disfigured by pulling as many hideous (and hilarious) faces as they can. Untag me! explores self-censorship, insecurity, inhibition and vanity and ultimately the freedom of the individual. It is a rebellion against the glorification of the contrived image and exemplifies the true beauty that lies within authenticity, vulnerability and liberation.