2015 Finalists

The Wandering Jew, 2015

by Ilya Milstein

Winner, 2015
Duration: 3 minutes 32 seconds
Single channel HD video

Artist's statement

Combining CGI, HD digital video and hand-drawn animation, The Wandering Jew is a portrait of the legendary figure of the same name, set in the present. The video is staged within an impossible space based on pre-renaissance treatments of graphical perspective, vandalized with obscure Kabbalistic imagery and messages in Ancient Hebrew. The sitter, a dancer and artist, improvised many of his own actions and poses, to explore the unimaginable sensation and frustration of having lived in excess of 2000 years. Treating the indestructible Wandering Jew as a metaphor for digital media’s impervious preservation of its subjects, this piece contemplates loss, the morality of digital representation, and the vulnerability of the Jewish artistic tradition.