2012 Finalists

The silent spectre of motion (Le spectre silencieux du movement), 2012

by Bridget Walker

Finalist, 2012
Duration: 6 minutes 21 seconds
Single channel HD video
Soundtrack by Voice work and appearances by Virgile Biechy and Antoine Rosenfeld; camera assistance: Virgile Biechy & Cagdas Kahriman

Artist's statement

The silent spectre of motion reflects upon the desire to inject imagination into otherwise ordinary materials, actions or events. By contrasting a documentary-style biography with a narrative of fictional imagination, I intend to show that both identity and reality are constructed and are therefore capable of being changed. This construction of my own personal identity is highlighted in my engagement with the world during this pursuit to colour reality with creative thought.

Inspired by the writings of animation theorist Dr. Alan Cholodenko, this work examines, and to a large extent celebrates, the condition of animation, its relationship to the world and my place within it.