2015 Finalists

Sorry, Xerox, Sorry, 2015

by Joel Burrows

Finalist, 2015
Duration: 3 minutes 12 seconds
Single channel HD video
Soundtrack by Sound credit: Tyler Burrows

Artist's statement

Sorry, Xerox, Sorry begins as a looped recording of the inside of a photocopier as it scans. Re-recording this footage from a computer screen with a handheld camera then captures the artist in the monitor’s reflection. Repetitive re-imaging of this footage creates a feedback hallway of reflections, destroying the oldest layers as it cycles through layered recordings. Filmed in two parts as a time capsule, part one consists of handheld HD camcorder footage made in 2009; this process was then repeated in 2015 on HDSLR. This repetitive capturing across a six year time frame is an investigation into the destructive qualities of time, lensed as a personal self portrait.